4 Steps to Elevate Your Client Experience As a Wedding Pro

One of the common topics I get asked when working with wedding pros is how they can attract more clients. But, the way to work with more ideal clients isn’t just through how excellent your service is. Instead, so much of attracting more ideal clients is in the overall client experience you create! As wedding professionals, it’s your job to create unforgettable experiences for clients and make their day as special as possible. Client experience is one of those crucial business components that involves every interaction you could have with your brides and grooms. As a systems expert for wedding pros, here are my top 4 steps to elevate your client experience as a wedding pro!

Streamline Your Pre-booking Process

Your clients are busy with their own lives, so one of the most important things you can do for your potential clients is to make their experience with you EASY and STRESS-FREE. Make sure the next steps they need to take are clear and easy. There are a few different ways to streamline your processes. Still, I always recommend starting by automating your brochure or pricing guide, stating a clear CTA on how a potential client can reach out, and having a workflow setup for when you need to make a follow-up.

Give a Thank You Gift

Gifting is a great way to surprise and delight your clients while providing the added benefit of earning referrals and gaining new business. Once your client is onboarded, and you know their address, sending them a small thank-you gift can be done in a few minutes online. Just make sure to align the gift with your pricing. Consider your profit margins so it only consumes a portion of your budget.

4 Steps to Elevate Your Client Experience As a Wedding Pro; Heather Altieri; Systems + Design for Wedding Pros; HoneyBook Educator;

Communicate With Your Clients

Whenever you start a partnership with a new client, let the couple know when they can expect to hear more details from you, what you may need from them, and when. Clear communication between you and your clients will make everything easier and faster on both ends. Aside from that, it’s important to honor your deadline. Sending something earlier versus later than expected will make the couple feel you are providing an excellent service. As their wedding gets closer, check in to reassure the couple you have everything you need and can’t wait to be part of their day!

Share the Love and Ask for a Review

Having a seamless customer experience and going the extra mile for your clients is a non-negotiable as a wedding professional. You want your clients to tell others they know how excellent your service was! This also sets you up to receive a raving review from your client after working together. Your clients will immediately say yes to providing a review if you deliver the service you promise. Don’t be afraid to let your couples know what you are looking for in the review! The real impact comes from having something personal to their experience that speaks to your specific skills.

Creating a great client experience can only be beneficial for your wedding business. Once you implement these 4 steps to elevate your client experience as a wedding pro, you’ll start to see more aligned clients coming to your business! If are looking for help elevating your client experience, I’d love to support you in the best way possible with efficient systems in place and the best branded templates. Get in touch here to talk about getting started!

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